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123 HP Envy 5642 Printer

123 HP Envy 5642 Printer Compatibility Checklist:

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS
  • Computer configured with a dynamic IP address
  • 11b/g/n wireless router over a 2.4GHz internet connection
  • Computer configured with USB port
  • Computer configured with Printer Data Cable. i.e., PS/2
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123 HP Envy 5642 Setup for Windows 10 OS

Connect a New Printer

Windows 8 or 10: Right-Click on the empty space of the screen on your desktop. Select all Apps, and run the 123 HP Envy 5642 Printer Icon

Windows 7: Click on the Start button in your Desktop and select All Programs, choose 123 HP Envy 5642 and then click 123 HP Envy 5642 series

  • Run the Printer Icon from the Desktop Menu
  • Select the option Connect a New Printer
  • Follow the on-screen installation to complete the Printer Setup

Change Network Settings

  • Go to settings option present in the wireless menu of the LCD Printer display
  • From Advanced Settings Option choose the required item for the Network settings
  • Follow the On-Screen instructions to complete the Network Setup for Printer

123 HP Envy 5642 Setup for MAC OS

  • Open the paper tray of your 123 HP 5642 Printer and load the paper to the tray
  • Fix the paper-width guide firmly so as to keep the papers onto its place
  • Open any file to click on the Print button and select the 123 HP Envy 5642 printer
  • Select the Properties button to open the Properties dialog box

Select the appropriate options to open the Properties dialog box:

  • For Apple OS X v10.6: To access the print options, Click the blue triangle available next to the Printer selection option
  • For Apple OS X Lion and Mountain Lion: To access the print options, Click show details button available next to the Printer selection option

From Print options menu, select the Page Orientation, Size and Scaling Percentage etc., after making the requisite changes, click Print


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