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HP Digital Solutions

123 HP DeskJet 1010 Printer can do the Digital Filing / Fax to improve your office productivity. HP Digital Filing means File scanning, and in turn Digital Filing enables basic, versatile, document management capabilities. Using the 123 HP DeskJet 1010 printer control panel you can either scan documents and copy directly to the computer folder present in your network or quickly email the scanned document to the business partners as attachment. In addition, you can configure custom specific scan settings for each destination folder, allowing you to obtain the best results from your 123 HP DeskJet 1010 Printer.

HP Digital Fax means remotely Send / Receive Fax. You can save the incoming faxes to the shared folder on your network or forward a fax using the email application. You can also turn off the Fax printing from anywhere while working away for the office. This results in reducing the paper consumption and ink cartridge waste.

Setup Scan to Email task:

Using the 123 HP Deskjet 1010 Printer you can directly Scan documents and send to one or more emails as attachments.

Setup the Outgoing Email Profiles:

Extract the FROM portion of the email message sent by the printer and Configure that Email Address. You can configure up to 10 Outgoing Email Profiles. Use the installed 123 HP DeskJet 1010 Software on your Computer to achieve the Email Profile Configuration.

Add Email contacts to your Email Address Book:

Using 123 HP Deskjet 1010 Printers you can manage the List of People’s Email contacts and sending Emails. To add an Email Address you can use the HP Printer Control Panel or the Printer’s embedded web server. Add up to 15 email addresses with their corresponding contact names. Email Groups can also be created.

Application of HP Digital Fax:

Once you set up the HP Digital Fax, by default the received black and white faxes gets printed and all faxes that are received goes either to the shared Network Folder or to the Email profile

  • If you have enabled Fax to Network folder, there will be no notification of the received faxes at the shared network folder
  • If you have enabled Fax to email, there will be a notification of the received faxes at your Email Inbox.
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Printer Management Tools

This section contains the following topics:

  • Windows Toolbox
  • HP Utility (Apple OS X)
  • Embedded Web Server
  • HP Web get admin software

123 HP DeskJet 1010 Printer Settings

Work with Printer Cartridges:

Given below is a list of maintenance procedures to ensure a best print quality.

  • Information on ink cartridges and the print head
  • Printing with black cartridge only, does use some color ink
  • Keep a check on the estimated Ink Levels
  • Replace the Print Cartridges
  • Order ink Cartridges
  • Store Print supplies
  • Anonymous Printer Usage Information
  • Information on Cartridge Warranty information

Store Print supplies:

Cartridges can remain in the printer for an extended period of time. However remember to turn off the Printer while it is not in use to ensure an optimal cartridge health.

Tips for Loading Papers:

  • Properly load the correct paper size and paper type in the Printer input tray. Upon completion the printer control panel will prompt you to verify the paper size and type.
  • Load the input tray with a stack of paper the resembles standard paper size and type to avoid paper jamming
  • Load paper to input tray with print side facing down
  • Ensure the loaded papers lay flat in the input tray and the edges not bent or torn
  • Accordingly adjust the paper width guides for properly stuffing the paper to input tray
  • Accordingly adjust the paper length guides for keeping the paper intact in the input tray

Paper Basics for the 123 HP DeskJet 1010 Printer

Photo Printing

  • HP Premium Plus Photo Paper – optimum for framing, displaying and gifting photos
  • HP Advanced Photo Paper – for durable and long lasting documents that resists water, smears, fingerprints and humidity
  • HP Everyday Photo Paper – low cost, casual photo printing that is durable and long lasting

Business Documents

  • HP Premium Presentation Paper 120g Matte – heavyweight two sided Matte paper optimum for Presentation, Proposals, Reports and Newsletters
  • HP Brochure Paper 180g Glossy – best for near photographic reproduction, business graphics on report covers, brochures, mailers and calendars
  • HP Brochure Paper 180g Matte – heavyweight two sided Matte paper optimum for print graphics, brochures, mailers and calendars
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