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Anonymous Printer Usage Information:

The HP Cartridge used in this Printer contains a memory chip that supports the operation of the printer. In addition, this memory chip has a limited capacity to store a standard set of anonymous information. i.e., Number of Pages printed, Page Coverage, Frequency of Printing and Print Modes etc,.

This memory chip information helps 123 HP Officejet 6100 design future printers according to customer needs. If you prefer to not allow access to the memory chip you can make it inoperable. Once this is done then the Cartridge itself will become unusable in an 123 HP Officejet 6100 Printer.

To disable the usage information function:

  • Touch or Swipe down the Printer Control Panel to open the Dashboard
  • Touch Setup Tab and Tap Preferences
  • Touch Store Anonymous usage information button to turn it OFF
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Information on Cartridge Warranty information:

The HP cartridge warranty is only applicable when the product is used in its designated 123 HP Officejet 6100 Printing device. The end of warranty date can be found on the product in YYYY/MM format. The duration for the warranty period of the product is covered as long as the HP ink is not depleted and to the end of warranty date. This warranty is not applicable to HP ink cartridges that are refilled, re manufactured, refurnished, misused or tampered with.

Information on ink cartridges and the print head:

  1. Keep all the Ink Cartridges in the original sealed packages until there is in need
  2. Store the Ink Cartridges at room temperature
  3. Do not unnecessarily clean the print head since it shortens the life of the cartridges and results in Ink waste
  4. Avoid rough handling like dropping, jarring ink cartridges prior to its installation

Note: This Printer is designed to use ink cartridges for printing until the cartridges gets empty. If this happens replace the old ones with the new cartridge to continue printing

Printing with black cartridge only, does use some color ink:

During the Ink Jet Printing process the ink is used in a various number of ways. This is done to prevent the print head from getting damaged. Depending on the Print Quality some ink are used in residual manner and some ink in evaporative manner.

Keep a check on the estimated Ink Levels:

Using the Printer Control Panel or Printer Software you can keep a check on the estimated Ink Levels

  • Touch or Swipe down the Printer Control Panel to open the Dashboard
  • Touch the Ink Tab to check the Ink Levels in the Cartridge

Note: When you receive a low ink alert, consider ordering the replacement cartridge in order to avoid possible Printing delays. The Ink Level indicator might be inaccurate or unavailable if used cartridges are made as replacements.

Ink Cartridges

Replace the Print Cartridges:

  • Make sure to turn the Power ON for Printer
  • Open the cartridge access door only after the print carriage stops moving
  • Push the frontal part of the cartridge to release it, and then remove it from the slot
  • Remove the packaging from the new cartridge
  • According to the color coded letters the new cartridge is slide into the empty slot until it gets permanently fixed
  • Repeat the above process to replace the print cartridges
  • Close the cartridge access door

Caution: Never turn off the Printer while Cartridges are missing. Immediately replace the missing cartridge to avoid ink system damage and possible extra ink usage.

Order Ink Cartridges:

For ordering the Ink Cartridges go to Ordering cartridges online is not supported in all Countries/Regions. However, over a phone you can order the shopping list from a Local Store. Always replace the Cartridge according to its Cartridge Number. You can refer the Cartridge Number at the following places:

  1. Open the Embedded Web Server page, Click the Tools tab and select the Product Information form. Click Ink Gauge to get the Cartridge Number
  2. Available on the Printer Status report
  3. Available on the Labels of the Ink Cartridge
  4. Open the cartridge access door to refer for the Cartridge Number present on the Sticker
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