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HP Printers are the most efficient printing answers present available in the market with most pc compatibility. HP printers proffer top-notch quality services to the house person, personal or even for day by day customers in offices. So, in case you are a brand new buyer of an HP printer, then it’s required to first unbox the printer and then setup it up for your PC to be able to print. Being a newbie you are not able to setup your HP printer for your pc machine. In that case, you’ll have to seek advice from the website 123.hp.com/setup and follow-up the entire noted directions very in moderation. The whole information discussed in this link, are simple and simple so that even non-tech particular person can also putting in place their HP printer into their PC. Other than that you’ll be able to also take dependable assistance immediately by means of making connection with technical toughen engineer. You can hassle-freely seek from our mavens regarding the setup of HP printer.


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HP Printer Setup (123.hp.com/setup)

123.hp.com/setup eprint

HP ePrint Setup

The incredible and seamless HP ePrint service enables you to print from anywhere in the globe with the easy, excellent velocity and active Internet connection and an ePrint enabled HP printer.

ePrint is a service offered that lets you print from any corner of the globe from your printer, given that you have a nice and active Internet link and ePrint should be activated.

To allow ePrint, on your Home Set up printer web services, tap the ePrint icon Click Set Up Click Accept to accept conditions of use and allow web services. To do so, click Click Set Up.

Now to allow ePrint Make sure the web services are configured.

Click the Home screen ePrint icon.

You will discover your printer email address in the summary menu of Web Services.

Open your email request on your desktop or any other device.

Email the document to be transmitted to the email address of your printer.

HP Airprint Setup

Another handy function called HP AirPrint Setup enables your HP ePrint printer to connect to multiple devices via easy wireless connections through multiple platforms. Connect to this wonderfully useful feature your iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch.

With the Apple iOS v4.2 and subsequent versions of the operating systems, AirPrint enables you to link the activated ePrint to your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch wirelessly, and we also provide complete assistance to the Mac for HP Printer client.

Your printer and Apple device are linked to the same wireless network, such as an iPhone.

Download Apple AirPrint from the app store on your Apple device.

Note your SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Password wireless network name.

These credentials are essential to link your printer to your wireless network and Apple device.

Open any AirPrint App file and tap.

Go to the Printer Option to open the AirPrint App.

To print your file, select your network and click Print.

You can print any Apple AirPrint internet application, email or picture.

You can also alter the page range as shown in the above picture.

123.hp.com/setup airprint
123.hp.com/setup cloud-print

HP Cloud Print Setup

The HP ePrint Setup utilizes the strong cloud service to allow the user to print from anywhere in the globe. More HP Cloud Print Setup To profit from this, enable ePrint on your HP printer.

Google Cloud Print is a internet connection service for your printers.


These printers are directly connected to the internet.

Make sure your printer is ready for use in the cloud or ePrint.

Click My Devices and check if your printer has been listed below. If your printer is listed under My Devices your printer is already recorded with Google Cloud Print.

To view registered Google Cloud Print printers, click Manage to view them.

Click Register and print a confirmation page if it is listed under New Devices.

You may be asked to finish the registration from the printer control panel on some printers.

If your printer is not mentioned, then ensure that your printer is linked to the network, or attempt to connect to the email address of your printer.

HP Printer Windows 10 (download driver and 123.hp.com/setup assist)

123.hp.com/setup printer-windows10The HP Printer is intended to support all equipment running Windows 10 operating systems. See how Windows 10 drivers can be installed for a clean printer experience. The service includes a free upgrade!!

Ensure you are linked to the same wired (Ethernet) or wireless network by your Printer and your Windows 10 computer.

Go to Wi-Fi environments and connect it to your wired or wireless network on your Windows 10 computer.

Open an email document or app that has the file you want to print.

Click on the icon of Print.

A print preview screen will appear after the above step in which you can select your printer and if needed modify any print settings.

Once the required modifications have been produced, click Print.

It also provides you with options such as number of copies, print color, size of paper, range of paper and orientation.

 If the print work is not printed, one of the following poor can be due to ON Printer OFF, or the network saving mode is not accessible.


  • Go to set up.
  • Select Network or Wireless Menu.
  • Touch Wireless Wizard Setup.
  • Before going any further make sure you understand your network’s name (SSID) and password (WEP / WPA).
  • Select your name for the wireless network.
  • You can always reach the person who set up the network for you if you can’t remember what it is.
  • Enter your password. Enter.
  • Your printer will soon be linked to the network. You can print a test report to verify that the printer driver does not have to be installed individually for Windows. When you update Windows software, the printer driver is mounted automatically.

Connect Hp Printer To your Windows

HP customer support, you have to connect the HP printer to your Windows wireless network with or using Ethernet / USB. This includes: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP.

The Hp printer is linked to windows with the built-in Windows solution. This is because the printer driver already has the recent Windows operating systems or because you can get support from 123.hp.com/setup.

  • For windows:

Search tool for Windows.

Click Start. Click Start.

Change device installation in the search menu bar.

The installation device window opens.

Select the possibility to automatically update.

Hit saves modifications. Hit saves modifications.

Installation of Printer Driver For Windows:

  • Go to begin.
  • Type in the search menu bar add printer.
  • A fresh window will open asking which printer type you want to install.
  • If you choose a network link, choose the alternative Adding a wireless network or Bluetooth printer.
  • Click on an current port to use it.
  • Hit next. Hit next.
  • But if you choose to connect to USB, add a local printer.
  • Select the name of your printer.
  • Select next. Select next.
  • A fresh window appears, which says the printer driver should be installed.
  • Click on the tab Update Windows.
  • A list of suppliers of printers is displayed, choose HP or Hewlett Packard.

Connect the HP printer to your MAC

For these versions, full HP customer support for Mac printer is available: Mac OS X v10.10 Yosemite, v10.9 Mavericks, v10.8 Mountain Lion, v10.7 Lion and v10.6 Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard.

You have to link the HP printer to your Mac wirelessly or using Ethernet / USB.

  • For MAC:
  • Link your printer and Mac to USB.
  • Connect the equipment with cables or wirelessly to the internet.
  • Go to the Apple menu, pick the update software.
  • Alternatively, you can choose’ About this Mac’ and software updates.
  • Choose Install.


  • Go to Apple Menu.
  • Select system preferences. Select system preferences
  • Select Print and Fax from the hardware segment.

When your printer is in the list:

  • Sign to-) (and delete the printer. Go to the(+) sign and choose Add printer or scanner.
  • Choose when the name of your printer appears.
  • Click on continue. Click on continue.

If your printer does not appear,

  • Press Add Printer or Scanner to Hover to (+) sign.
  • Choose when the name of your printer appears.
  • Click on proceed. Click proceed.
  • Next, pick the name of your printer using the’ Print Using’ box.
  • Download and install Apple’s Printer Software.
  • You can now print, scan or fax everything you need.

Connect the HP printer to your Smartphone

Now your phone / tablet needs to be connected to the same network. Make sure you connect your HP and smartphone to the same network.


123.hp.com/setup apple-phoneChoose the product you would like to print.

Touch the share symbol on the printable product.

To attach your printer, click on the(+) sign.

To print, select Print.

To Android Mobile:

  • 123.hp.com/setup android-phoneDownload Google Store HP print service.
  • Go to the product you’d like to print.
  • Touch the icon for the menu.
  • Choose Print choice.
  • If necessary, change any settings.
  • Print tap.

Laptop or Tablet for Windows 8:

  • Select the item that you want to print.
  • Right of the screen, swipe the screen.
  • A set of icons is displayed. Choose the device icon among them.
  • Choose your printer.
  • Choose Print choice.
  • If necessary, change any settings.
  • Click Print. Click Print.
  • Download the HP print plug-in from the Amazon app shop to Kindle Fire Tablet.
  • Go to the item to be printed.
  • Touch the icon for the menu.
  • Tap the icon for print.
  • If necessary, change any settings.
  • Print tap.