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123 HP Envy 7648 printers is a high performance printer that comes with the dimension of 17.5 widths & 13.2 depths (in inches) with the weight of 12.3 pounds approximately. Envy7648 will perfectly suits for both home and office environment.

123.HP.COM Envy 7648 is a good printer which holds with both merits and De-merits, i.e., it doesn’t have some common feature that is available at other printers models. If you are looking for download driver software for Envy7648 then here is the path for it This Printer is said to multi-functional printer that comes with duplex printing.

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How to connect 7648?

123.HP.COM/Envy 7648 printer can be connected in different methods that are listed below:

1. 123 HP Auto Wireless Connect:

In order to connect the printers in to the network, just turn ON your Wi-Fi on printer. It automatically authenticates and connects without even network SSID or Password.

Compatibility Overview:

  • It support all major versions of windows, such as Windows 10, 8, 7 , Windows vista & Mac OS
  • PC with dynamic IP address
  • 4GHz connection with 11b/g/n wireless router.
123 hp install-the-cartridges

2. Wireless Setup Wizard :

Installation of Envy 7648 Wireless Printer Software

  1. Get a driver software from
  2. Before downloading it make sure that you should check the compatibility of your printer and OS.
  3. Select your network type.
  4. Then, select yes, send my wireless settings to my printer to start installation.
  5. Switch ON your printer.
  6. Check Control panel in your Printer LCD screen with buttons
  7. Before turn on your printer, make sure that you should know the name and password of your printer connected network. We can’t connect without network id and password.
  8. Turn ON your Envy HP Printer use control panel to find a Setup button. Choose the network menu in it.
  9. Click on wireless setup wizard.
  10. Select your default wireless network name.
  11. Enter the password.
  12. By following the above steps one can connect printer easily. You may print a test report to confirm.
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3. Envy WPS ( Wi-Fi Protected Setup )

Install Printer driver Software:

  • Get your driver software from
  • Ensure that you have downloaded correct software with compatible of both OS and printer model.
  • Choose your network type.
  • Followed by that Select Yes, send my wireless settings to my printer to start installation.

Push button mode:

  • Initially, check whether your router and HP printer supports Pushbutton mode.
  • Select the WPS Pushbutton mode on your printer (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).
  • At last press the WPS button on your router.

4. How to Connect Envy 7648 HP Printer using USB?

Install Printer Software:

  • Download driver software from
  • Make sure that software you download is compatible to both your printer type and your computer Operating System (OS).
  • Select the network type.
  • Followed by that Select Yes, send my wireless settings to my printer to start installation.

Printer setup:

  • Connect your Printer to the power hub.
  • Turn ON your printer.
  • Connect USB cable, one end to computer and other end to the printer.
  • The system detects the printer automatically.
  • Your Envy printer is now ready to use.


After connecting your printer cables/wires in to your Envy 7648 printers, here are the simple steps you need to have a successful printing experience.

  • Start checking your network username and password for which your 7648 is getting connected.
  • You should have internet access to establish connection.
  • Ensure that your Envy7648 printer and wireless network needs to be connected in same network

We Provide HP Envy 7648 Printer Setup

Installation and troubleshooting your printer

  1. Guidance on Printer compatibility with operating system
  2. Troubleshooting and Fixing corrupt/outdated printer drivers.
  3. Fixing, Missing / wrongly installed driver.
  4. Fixing Printer Jam/ Print spooler errors.
  5. Slow speed printing fixes.
  6. Continues Paper Jams, Ink Cartridge Jam & Paper feeder multiple papers picking issue fixes.
  7. PC hangs issue on using/connect with a printer,
  8. Wireless printer Configuration
  9. e-Print configuration issue.
  10. Smart phone printing solutions
123 hp installing the printer software
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Way to Connect 123 HP Envy 7648 printer wirelessly without a router

Connecting an HP Envy 7648 printer is really an easy work which doesn’t need great experience or qualification. Just a little technical knowledge is more than enough to setup this printer. The below steps can help you in connecting your printer with Wireless router.

Steps to connect 123 HP Envy 7648 without a wireless router

  1. From your home screen, choose Wireless Direct option.
  2. Select OK, to initiate the Wireless Direct process.
  3. Select On without Security, and then press OK.
  4. Press the button next to Display Name to know the wireless direct name of your 7648 printer.
  5. Suppose, if you select wireless security for your PC option, then you can view the password of wireless direct simply by pressing password button.
123 hp wireless setup
123 HP Envy 7648 USB Connection

Ways to connect through USB

HP Envy 7648 Printer has USB port through which one can connect their PC. If the USB connections are active then your web services will be ideal.

Steps to connect Envy 7648 Printer through USB

  1. Switch ON your Envy 7648 printer that connected to your PC.
  2. Insert CD with software that comes along with your printer, If you don’t have please download it from
  3. Ensure that you should not connect USB at this stage.
  4. Start installing driver software on your computer.
  5. Stickily follow the instruction on screen; this might take some times to complete the installation.
  6. Now Connect USB cable into your PC (after it prompt for it).
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