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123 HP Envy 5640 Setup & Performances

123 HP Envy 5640 Printers is used to print Documents, Photos and Quick Forms. 123 HP Envy 5640 Printers are well designed to avoid Paper Jams. 123 HP Envy 5640 Printer has a Cartridge door with three different types of Color Cartridges present. Inside the Cartridge door you have a Paper path cover and a duplex cover up for the printer to guide the Paper smoothly without any Jam.

Paper Jams can occur at several parts of the Printer. Whatsoever avoid pulling jammed papers from the front of the Printer? This leads to tearing of Paper and causing a severe Jamming. Always follow the step

by step instructions given below to prevent paper jams,

  • Load the input Tray with suitable number of sheets, avoid keeping large number of sheets at once
  • Promptly take away the printed papers in order to neglect paper jamming
  • While loading papers to the input Tray make sure that the papers are not cracked or bent condition
  • Always use same type of paper and do not mix different paper types while loading the input Tray. i.e., heavily thick or too thin papers
  • Ensure all the feed papers to the input Tray are of standard size
  • Using the paper-width guides in the input tray to feed the papers, eliminates the jams and misalignment during printing
  • Do not pull out the printed papers forcibly, since it may cause damage to the parts inside Printer

Note: Always switch off the Printer before loading paper to input tray. Also avoid loading paper during printing process

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Steps to clear away any Paper Jam on your 123 HP Envy 5640 Printer:

  • Switch Off your Printer and then open the cartridge access door
  • Take off the cleanout from cartridge access
  • Gently pull off the jammed paper from cleanout and replace it in the cartridge access

Note: Clear Paper Jams as soon as possible to avoid print head damage

  • After the above steps, close the cartridge access door and press OK on the LCD Control Panel of the Printer to continue the Print Job

Steps to clear an internal Paper Jam:

  • Switch Off your Printer and then open the cartridge access door
  • Take off the paper path cover
  • Lift up the duplex cover up and remove the jammed paper
  • Replace the paper path cover to its original position
  • Close the cartridge access door
  • After the above steps, press OK on the Printer Control Panel to continue the Print Job
  • Note: While removing the jammed paper the bits and pieces of paper might get stuck into the rollers and wheels of the Printer and would possibly create more Jams.

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