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HP Officejet Pro 8721 printer is all in one printer for advanced printing experience, this printer is highly professional that generate high quality printing. OJPro 8721 has so many main functions such as image copying, wireless printing, faxing, scanning, AirPrinting, duplex printing (Two-side printing), touch screen with color display and more.

OfficeJet Pro 8721 is really simple to handle, easy to install, troubleshoot etc., Anyone can download and install the software to the printer and refilling ink cartridge and more without even a proper technical background. has few built in function that can directly help you printing through wireless connected devices. HP AirPrint service is the one which provides air-based connection through wireless medium between your devices and computer.

HP OJPro/8721 printers a well enhanced printer that provides better printing experiences to the users in terms of printing. Using Wi-Fi connections and a chrome cloud printing services one can print their needs in very high quality. You are allowed to print access your printer even when you are in travelling, simple settings in your mobile device is more than enough to access your 8721 printer of OfficeJet Pro.

123 HP ojpro8720

How to connect 123 HP OJPro 8721 Printer Setup Using USB:

USB connect

In order to implement this USB technique, you should connect the USB cable among your printer and PC. Here is way in which you connect your printer with PC. OJPro 8721 Connection through USB is one of the easiest ways.

123 HP OfficeJet8721 printer connectivity did not required any technical knowledge; you just have to follow the instruction given to you in printer troubleshoot and user guide. But, before connecting your printer with wired or wireless connection make sure that you have installed all necessary drivers to it.

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123 HP OJPro 8721 Printer Setup

HP Eprint

Eprint is an advanced technology that allow user to printer on sending email to the printer. OJPro 8721 Printer has a unique email id through which one can print their needs while they were not even in their home at anytime from anywhere.

HP Google cloud print:

This specific printer for 8721, allows you to access your printer through android or apple devices and tablets. Printing from your devices is really easy and simple; you are just a click away from printing.

HP Air Print:

HP Air Printing technology is specifically developed for Apple users, makes users friendly in accessing printing devices through simple application.

ePrint, airprint, cloudprint

Physical feature of HPOfficejet Pro 8721:

  1. OJPro 8721 has an automated document feeder with the capacity of about 50 sheets.
  2. This printer has USB 2.0, Ethernet,Wi-Fi and much more methods to print.
  3. Office Jet 8721 has default dimensions of 12.4 inches x 16.3 x19.4 inches in height, width and depth.
  4. It also has certificate of energy efficient so, power saving is guaranteed.
  5. OJPro fax transmission speed of about 28.8 KBPS.
  6. It has various functionalities such as copy, fax and scanning technology.
  7. This printer has an LCD display screen with 4.3 inches size.
  8. OfficeJet Pro 8721 can copy maximum speed of about 20 PPM in terms of black and white printing with the resolutions of 4800 x 1200 dpi, and for color it can print 16PPM with the same resolutions.
  9. In build memory card reader with 128 MB
  10. It support various operating system with the compatibility of Windows XP, 7, 8, Vistah3 and Machintosh Operating System like Mac OS X 10.5.

Advantages of 123 HP OfficeJetPro 8721:

  1. Cost of printing will be really lower than 50% of its actual cost.
  2. OJPro 8721 is an all in one printer with effective networking or wireless connection ports.
  3. It suits for both home and office printing for Simple setup and fastest-in-class printing experience.
  4. Affordable price printing cost of about 50-page automatic document feeder to print 20 pages/Mint

Mac and Windows Operating System drive download and installation support for OJP8721

In order to start or print your needs through HP OJP printer you should have necessary driver software with you. Driver software is the one which determine your printer printing systems. Download the driver software from and install into your PC to start your printer operations. Driver software of HP has standalone feature with compatibility, so download using your printer model and OS versions.

EPrint, AirPrint and Cloud Print Service Setup and Troubleshooting guide:

HP ePrint, AirPrint and Cloud Print Services are by default help connecting the printer with the wireless network. In specific this options will helps establishing connectivity between the computer and your HP 8721 printer. Configuring wireless connection is really simple you will receive troubleshoot and user guide on purchasing the HP printers or download the guide from 8721.

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