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Are you looking for printing high-quality prints for a cheaper price? Then HP Deskjet 4535 printer is the best choice. In order to set up your printers for the first time make sure that you have simply followed the given steps. Every products and service accessories vary from region to region so make sure to read the installation flow carefully. Start your installation process by downloading the HP Deskjet 4535 Printer’s Driver software from

Steps to Install your New HP Desk jet 4535 Printers

There are a number of accessories attached with your HP Deskjet 4535 printer, so unpack all the packed materials from the printer box and check them properly with the checklist before you start proceeding with the next step.

  • Start removing the printer from the box.
  • To start the setup processes unbox everything packed in your HP Deskject 4535 printer box.
  • Before you start, make sure to remove all the stripping accessories like tapes, stickers, and cardboard from the printer.
  • Scanner lid will also have packing materials in it, so ensure that opened the scanner lid to tear them off from your printer.
  • Before you start proceeding with the next steps ensure that you have removed both internal and external packing materials.
  • You can find the cardboard box inside your printer pack which contains ink cartridges, power cord, and USB cables.
123 hp dj1010

Step by step procedure to install software for 123 HP Deskjet 4535 Printer

  • Once after completing all the above steps, you are allowed to go with this step, which helps to install Printer Driver software. You can download the printer drivers from or simply past in a search engine.
  • You can install the software in, either way; you may be allowed to pick the driver software that directly comes through the installation CD at the time of un-boxing the printer.

Steps to connect your printer’s power cord of 123 HP Deskjet 4535 Printers

Before you start the operations with your printers you must connect the power cord properly to proceed further.

  1. In order to connect your printer with the power cord make sure that you have turned your printer and connect them properly.
  2. One end of the cable needs to be connected to the printer and the other end needs to be connected with a power source or hub.
  3. In the top of the printer, you may see the printer turn ON/OFF button to switch on and start the printing flow.
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How to install HP Deskjet 4535 Printer Ink cartridge installation?

Upon ordering a new printer, you may receive an HP ink cartridge along with it. Installing the ink cartridges varies from model to model and it can be done in a few simple steps as follows.

  1. Check for the carriage of your printer.
  2. To start removing the cartridge from its package, touch on black cartridge.
  3. There will be the protective tap in the carriage which needs to be removed carefully without touching the Ink delivery nozzles.
  4. The same process as to be repeated for the color cartridge too in the right side slot.
  5. That’s it, you have connected your new ink cartridges in the printer.
  6. There might be the chances of getting errors if you fail to close the cartridge door properly.

Steps to load HP Deskjet 4535 paper loading

After completing the ink cartridge installation steps, you may insert white paper in the tray to start the printing process. Check the following steps to insert them properly.

  1. Move the input tray upwards to insert a bunch of papers.
  2. The paper width should not exceed at any cost & it should be on the leftmost side.
  3. Start loading the paper until the main tray gets filled.
  4. You may see the tray extender to make the printed paper to not fall down after finish printing.

EPrint – 123 HP DeskJet 4535 Printers

Eprint is the free web service by HP to print anything you want to print anywhere. This works in a simple process and it doesn’t need any special devices or drivers to connect. You may use your printer to print using web services using unique HP 4535 eprint email address. Also, if you would like to have additional details about this Eprint please visit

HP Desk Jet 4535 Printer are high speed cost-effective and simple printer which gives great user experience on printing, scanning and copying something. Any driver software can be downloaded from the official website of HP by visiting Also, you can find more free products on the official website where you can download software that allows you to operate your printer with more free and cool features.

Step by step process to connect an HP DeskJet 4535 printer

  1. Make sure that you have turned on Web Services. If not, turn on the Web Services option.
  2. In order to view the HP 4535 ePrint information, click on your 4535 HP ePrint button and get to know the email address of your printer.
  3. After you find an email address you need to send an email to your printer in the following way.
    1. Access to your personal/official email on your smartphone or desktop devices.
    2. Start attaching the document you wish to print on email by composing a new email to your printer email address
    3. Click send, to start printing your prints.

Important Note:

  1. In order to print your document through email, make sure that you should have your 4535 email address on “TO” other than your printer address.
  2. One can check their printer status by visiting, once after sending an email.
  3. Open using your email to print, your document may print in different font style, text flow or it may also vary in its original document.

Download 123 HP DeskJet 4535 Printer Driver

Before you start downloading any product from the website make sure that you should cross check the operating system version and its compatibility. There is a different version available on a website such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8.1 & Windows 10.

For the Mac user, It supports different OS X versions that starts from 10.5 and end with 10.12 X versions. You can also check the following instructions which help you to do installation procedure of your driver software.

  1. Switch ON your PC
  2. Connect all necessary USB cable to the computer whichever is needed.
  3. Start Searching for your printer driver software from HP Desk Jet 4535 Driver.
  4. You need to have an administrator privilege to start the installation wizard.
  5. Start following the instruction carefully after you start installation; ensure that you have connected USB cable between your PC & Printer.
  6. Wait until it prompts to click next steps.
  7. It asks you to enter the values manually to finish the installation process.
  8. That’s it your HP Desk Jet 4535 Printer software is installed successfully.

HP Desk Jet 4535 printer driver Installation with CD/DVD drive

Before installing the driver you have to make sure that your computer is connected with CD/DVD drive and check whether you have the installation CD that was shipped along with your HP Desk Jet 4535 printer. Follow the below instruction to proceed with further steps.

  1. Check whether your computer is connected to the CD drive to continue further
  2. Make sure that the USB is not connected to the computer unless or until you are asked to connect
  3. Insert the CD drive in your computer to execute the file. You will notice the startup of the installation wizard.
  4. Now follow the instructions that appear on the screen to finish the process
  5. Wait until you are asked to connect the USB cable between the computer and the HP Desk Jet 4535 printer. After connecting, it will detect the printer and move to the next steps
  6. Manually input the values in the installation wizard and finish the installation

Web Services of Desk Jet 4535 Printer

About 123 HP Desk Jet 4535 printer Web Services

HP offers web services that include HP Eprint & HP Printable, which allows you to print DJ 4535 easily. Go to your printer control panel to start using your web services.

Eprint 123 HP Desk Jet 4535 Printer

One can print anything they need on the go through the free service option provided by HP. The software of DJ 4535 allows you to print anything from any location just by enabling the simple printer function. As it is explained early it is a simple process, just you need to the way to compose your email and it doesn’t require any software or driver to connect with the services. Just turn on your DJ 4535 Web Services option on Printer, that’s it.

123 HP Desk Jet 4535 printer HP Printable

Printable – 123 HP Desk Jet 4535 Printer

In order to print your online coupon or any flight ticket, you can probably use HP DJ4535 Printable option which by default allows you to print the content as like it appears on the internet. It also allows you to scan and store the documents digitally.

HP connected Website – 123 HP Desk Jet 4535 printer

To have a more secure web services option between your devices and printer you can use the free option of HP, which is called HP connected websites.

Setup/ configure 123 HP Desk Jet 4535 printer Web Services

To connect your printer with HP connected websites ensure that your printer is connected with the internet wirelessly. Simply follow the below instruction to start setup the web services after turn on the wireless network connection.

  1. Start Opening Embedded Web Server (EWS) to initiate the process.
  2. Simply press Web Services tab after opening Embedded Web Server
  3. Check Setup, followed by continuing in the settings sections and follow the flow and the screen.
  4. Start accepting printer to check automatic updates and installation.
  5. By default, your printer will print the information page.
  6. In order to complete the installation process, you need to follow steps carefully.
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