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Why Choose Envy 4510 Printers?

Envy printers were trendsetters in the printer industry and one of HP’s top-selling home users models. These phones are world-class characteristics that not only decorate your home but also add value to your job. Elegant and cost-effective, this is our daily suggestion. In addition to being pocket-friendly, HP Envy is also an energy-efficient printer series. They are accessible for sale in retail stores and internet traders and can be set up with a configuration by our printer setup team.


The printers of the Envy series are sleeker in design than other products. Further features of usual scanning, copying and document printing include duplex printing and photo printing.


You can also use it to send some important fax emails, where appropriate, to your office or to other formal locations.


Since these designs have wireless printing facilities activated, you can print from everywhere, provided that you and your printer are linked to the same wireless network.

Mopria and AirPrint.

Another excellent characteristic is that Envy printers can print on your computer and mobile phones wirelessly. How big is that? All you need to do is download the app from the app shop to begin printing your records and pictures if you have an Apple or Android phone and wish to print.

What are the special features of all envy models?


For black-and-white documents, the printing speed of these models ranges from 10 to 14 papers per minute. And for colored documents, between 6 and 9 papers per minute can be printed.


Automatic duplexing supports envy printer models, printed on two sides. So you don’t have to keep two-sided print turning pages.


Most Envy designs have a distinct input cabinet for picture sheets which can hold up to 15 sheets of picture paper with the exception of fundamental designs. The main paper tray can also hold 100 to 125 sheets in one go.


In general, they can all print, scan, copy and fax (with a few exceptions without fax).


All Envy printers can be linked by wired or wireless connection. However, the amount of USB ports differs for a wired connection.

How to do the WIRELESS SETUP Envy 4510 with a MAC system of operations?

  • Note your home network name and password.
  • Turn on the printer, computer and router, and make sure that all of them are connected to the same Wi-Fi
  • network.
  • Close all applications on your PC and connect the printer to your PC on an USB cable.
  • Press the Wireless icon on the printer and the wireless settings will be opened.
  • The onscreen instructions are easy to follow and easy to use. Use to complete the installation process.

How to setup Envy 4510 with Windows operating system wirelessly?

  • Note your home network name and password.
  • Turn on the printer, laptop and router and ensure that everyone is linked to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure you plug them all in if you have other cables connected to the printer, such as the USB or the Ethernet cable.
  • If you have an existing wired connection, you must transform it into a wireless connection.
  • Open the HP Printer Assistant from your PC and then open the Utilities menu to choose Printer setup and the selection of software.
  • Connect a new printer and convert a connected USB printer to wireless is the two options you need to select from.
  • Press your printer’s wireless icon to open the Wireless settings.
  • Complete the installation process using setup with user-friendly and easy to follow onscreen instructions.
  • Before you start connecting your equipment, the printer software and the needed drivers must have been downloaded in advance. To do so, you can consult our other informative blogs or call our customer support team to accompany you.

HP Printer Setup through setup

STEP 1 Configure the Printer.
STEP 2 Connect the device to the.
STEP 3 network installation of compatible software.
STEP 4 Receive superlative results in print.

HP Envy 4510 printer ink common problems.

1.The cartridge does not fit into the printer:

Make sure the cartridge is in the printer model.
Insert the cartridge after the copper side faces the printer and not you.
Before inserting, ensure that the packaging materials and tapes are removed from the cartridge.

2.The printed output has ink blocks:

This can be caused by a blocked printhead.
To solve the issue, you can use an automatic printer cleaning cycle.
Always ensure that replacement cartridges purchased from HP are used and that third parties do not use cartridges.

3.The cartridge leaks ink:

·This is a common problem with printers.
·Remove and wipe the cartridge with a clean cloth.
·Reset the printer and reinstall again the cartridge.
·If the issue continues, substitute the cartridge.

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