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HP 4520 is designed for home use. It lacks of office-centric features like an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) for scanning. This inexpensive inkjet Multi Function Printer (MFP) handles various kinds of output, with relatively high quality for photos and graphics, but subpar quality for text in our tests. Suitable for photo and graphics quality and for photo speed, offers better text quality and it is very fast that is applicable to business applications. This model lacks ADF and fax capability.

HP envy 4520 gives user control with the machine, how to connect to different devices, where to drag print materials and to refill ink cartridges. HP 4520 is a dependable performer and worth the investment.

123 hp unpack your printer

SETUP Envy 4520

This printer measures 5 by 17.5 by 14.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 11 pounds 15 ounces, making small enough to easily find room for and light enough to one person move into place, connected to a Windows Vista system via USB cable.

Physical setup is standard for an inkjet MFP. Installing this software is a little different with most printers. But HP makes this approach a standard for its new inkjets. For start here instructions go to HP website and HP will give instructions for printer setup.


In this, pages quoted by the instant ink and cartridge are different , by cartridge it can print 100 pages then it depends on the images but in instant ink it prints 50 pages means prints literally only 50 pages. Although this single page is one page and side by side means two pages. So for running cost is high different for instant ink plan.

On additional use, HP is signed for instant ink and cartridges. If cartridges runs out of ink at that time instant ink would be used to meet the needs. When installing the printer 123.hp.com/setup 4520 and change the ink cartridge giving reminder’s on front-panel LCD.


1.Unbolt the box.
2.In the carton, there is a set of cartridges one is 62-tricolour and 62-black cartridges.
3.Next a case contains, power cord, manual, instant ink information sheet, user guide, copies of user guide, sample pack of HP advanced photo paper, an ink caution sheet and setup disc of Windows and Mac.
4.If the disc is lost, features can be downloaded in website.
5.Abolish all packing materials from carton and grab the printer firmly out from the carton.
6.Abolish Styrofoam end caps each one at a time.
7.Slide printer from plastic case.
8.Abolish Styrofoam sheet in scanner.
9.Abolish plastic that covers logo.
10.Abolish all blue paper tapes in every parts of printer, in also input and output trays.
11.Abolish sticker also in printer control panel.
12.Abolish clear strips in printer.
13.Connect power cord to printer at one-side and other side to wall outlet.
14.Press power button, printer starts initializing.
15.Select language, install cartridges. Printer is ready for printing.

123 hp install-the-cartridges


1.This package contains one duplexer, which is used for automatic two-sided printing.
2.Abolish orange tape and all container materials from the duplexer.
3.Turn the printer power off. Make sure to use the right-angle power plug that came with the printer.
4.Abolish duplex-slot cover from the back of the printer. Reinstall this cover when the duplexer is not attached.
5.Using both hands, insert the duplexer all the way into the slot
6.Turn the printer power on.
7.To take advantage of all the duplexer functions, the printer driver on the printer’s host computer must be configured to recognize the duplexer. For windows, go to printer properties window. On the device settings tab, select the checkbox for the duplexer.
8.To verify that installation is complete, print a configuration page from the control panel. Open the printer menus, select information and then select print configuration.
9.Make sure that the configuration page lists the duplexer as an installed accessory. If the duplexer is not listed, see the user guide on the CD-ROM that comes with the printer.
10.If cannot able to resolve the problem, check the support flyer that came with the printer. Or visit the website and the select the country block at the top and then select support block.
11.Select duplex or two sided printing from the program. If neither of the options is available in the program, use printer control panel menus to turn on duplexing. For more information, see the user guide on CD-ROM that came with the printer 123 hp setup 4520
12.When the duplexer is installed, the auto-cleaning page function is not available. For information about how to print a manual cleaning page, see the use guide on the CD-ROM that came with the printer.
13.See the use guide on the CD-ROM that came with the printer for information about gaining access to the printer driver, setting the control panel, using the duplexer and solving the problems and for warranties and regulatory statements.
14.TO REMOVE DUPLEXER: Turn the printer so that the hinder faces in the front which is lifted up and pulled out to remove the duplexer.
15.Install the duplex-slot cover if the printer is used without the duplexer.

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HP expect fast everyday printing, they experience very few problems and have long life spans. The majority of the problems are easily fixed and at low cost to the customers making these 123 hp envy 4520 printers in a good working environment.

1. 13.01 Paper jam error
2. 13.20 Paper jam error
3. 60.2 Tray 2 lift error
4. Network issues
5. Cartridge issues
6. Faded print
7. 49.XXXX Service error



Connect printer on a wireless network that has internet access for that wireless router access Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)


Computer must be connected to wireless network tends to install printer on.

This is the name of network.

This is the security key, WEP or WPA key.

Before starting, confirm wireless is setup and functioning properly.

123 hp installing the printer software
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1.Make sure computer is connected to wireless network to connect with the printer.
2.Click the name of operating system and follow instructions.

Windows 10:
1.In taskbar search web and windows, type HP Envy 4520.
2.Tap HP Envy 4520.
3.Tap utilities icon
4.Tap printer setup and software
5.Tap covert USB to wireless

Windows 8/ Windows 8.1:

1.Click right corner for search option.
2.Type HP Envy 4520 to search.
3.Tap utilities icon
4.Tap printer setup and software
5.Tap covert USB to wireless

Windows 7, Windows vista or Windows XP:

1.Click start
2.Then programs
3.Click HP ENVY 4520
4.Then printer setup & software.
5.Tap covert USB to wireless

123 hp wireless setup
Follow the on-screen instructions.


With HP mobile printing technology, printer can print using smart phones. In home or office, use printing capabilities from smart phone or tablet to print.
1.Make sure printer and mobile device on the same network.
2.Select photo or document to print and choose printer.
3.Confirm print settings and then print.
If want to print without accessing network, connect wireless to printer without a router.

123 hp Scan Using Printer Display
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Printing using Apple’s Air Print to print wirelessly to the printer from an iPad, iPhone or iPod support the mobile applications:

Supported third party applications

To ensure Air Print, ensure the following:

1.The printer and the Apple device must be connected to same network as Air Print enabled device.
2.Load paper that matches the paper settings of the printer.


Use HP e-Print to print documents by sending them as an email attachment to the product’s email address from any email enabled device. To use HP e-Print, the product must meet the requirements,

1.The product must be connected to a wired or wireless network and have internet access.
2.HP Web Services must be enabled on the product and the product must be registered with HP connected.
Type the product IP address into the address line of a Web Browser to open HP Embedded Web Server.
Click HP Web Services tab
Select the option to enable Web Services
Go to website to create HP e-Print account and complete the 123 hp envy 4520 setup process.


Download the Google Cloud Print installed on the device to start printing. Then go to the printing instructions. On the next screen click add printer, and then skip the printing instructions section.
1.Navigate the item to print and open options menu.
WEBPAGE: Click on the menu icon on the top right corner.
DOCUMENT: Tap and hold the selection to open the menu.
2.Select print.
3.Select the print to use from the drop down menu.
4.Click print.
5.Then another window comes with asking for password.
6.There enter NPCUID and password.
7.Select the printer to which the job is to be sent in the list of printers displayed.
8.Then click release.


1.Automatic duplexer
2.Wi-Fi direct and Wi-Fi
3.Prints through the cloud
4.Fast high-quality photo printing in testing
5.Latest ink delivery technology to prolong cartridge life
6.Potentially saves money through instant ink delivery service.
7.Scored well in print speed test
8.Produced high quality output result


1.No Ethernet or fax
2.Installation software and front-panel LCD push hard to sell HP’s Instant Ink Program.
3.Slow for business applications and low quality text in our tests
4.Lacks memory card reader
5.Lacks Ethernet port for direct networking
6.Touch display is tricky to use


Meant for home use, HP Envy 4520 inkjet multifunction printer delivers higher quality for photos and graphics than for text, along with faster printing for photos than for business applications. This is a printer for home office, more general for home use with better text quality and faster print speed for business applications.


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