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HP Envy 5530 All-in-one offers better par photo quality plus par quality for graphics and text. Also throws in some home-printer features like built-in templates for graph paper and lined notebook paper. As with virtuality any letter-size printer, serves for light-duty home-office use. The best reason to consider a printer needs either for a home use or dual role of home use and home-office use.

Office-centric features such as fax capability or an Automatic document feeder (ADF) are not available in these printers. Wi-Fi is available which makes them easy to share in the dual role of home and home office printer. Can print, scan and copy and also prints JPG files directly from memory cards as well as scan to both JPG and image PDF format. Before printing, the images can be previewed from memory card. HP printer offers a 2.65 inch colour display and easy-to-use touch screen controls.

123 hp unpack your printer

Envy 5530 also has the feature of mobile printing, prints through cloud and also supports HP web’s apps. The limitation is that the network connection option offered is Wi-Fi that means the web-based features can’t be accessed unless having a Wi-Fi access point on network. Also offers wireless-Direct. Lack of Wi-Fi access point, wireless direct lets to print from a phone or tablet or a computer using a Wi-Fi connection directly to printer.

Another limitation is that the two printers share is similarly meagre paper handling. Offers a 100 sheet input tray to light duty use even by home office standards and include duplexer.


Speed for business applications are unimpressive, photo speed was a lot better with printer averaging 1 minute 15 seconds for a 4 by 6. Printer did overall output quality than speed and excellent photo quality. Text and graphics were both par quality for an inkjet making both suitable for most business and personal needs. Photos were a solid step above par, with photos printed on photo paper. Even photos printed on plain paper are of a true photo quality if mounted in a frame behind glass.

HP Envy 5530 balances speed, output quality, price and features makes more acceptable for light-duty home office use as well as home use, but photo speed and quality stand out. Looking for fast speed for business applications and care more about text and graphics about photos. All-purpose printer for home-office use and also want high quality photo output.

123 hp install-the-cartridges


1.First thing is to crack the tape and poke the crate spacious and fold back the flaps.
2.In top of printer, there will be accessories for printer.
3.Abolish cartridges; the first one will have a card attached.
4.Keep this card around to know which cartridges to buy and change them.
5.Then take the black cartridge, they are tapped into place so they don’t move during shipping.
6.The last item in this part of the crate is the power cable. Just remove the tapes from the power cable.
7.Tow out the piece of cardboard and set aside for recycling.
8.HP provides carry bag for printer which helps to remove from crate. Find the two handles and then set the crate on side.
9.Holding these two handles, gently pull the printer out of the crate. Set the crate aside for recycling.
10.Now expel Styrofoam packaging from the sides of the printer, there will be a couple of papers and CD that came with the printer.
11.Booklet is the multi-language user guide which provides basic setup and troubleshooting information (basic step-by-step guide for printer)
12.CD is used to check for updated drivers and also to check for new drivers. Then last is the sample pack of HP Advanced photo paper.
13.The easiest way to work the printer out of the sac is lift up and slide the sac off.
14.Discard any tape, plastic or other packaging materials that are on and interior of the printer.
15.Start by taking the tape off the back and set the printer down and then skim other piece of tape from top and runs down the front which have to lift up.
16.Designed to come off fairly easily and not leave any residue on printer. While the printer is lifted up to efface the other pieces of tape.
17.Then depose the other pieces of tape holding interior tray closed on the front of the printer. Once these are oust, set the printer back on bottom and lift scanner lid.
18.Gently pull plastic cover off the lid, and then adjacent the scanner lid. Go to back of the printer and evacuate plastic film and then to front of the printer and shed the piece of tape in the tray.
19.Tip the printer back to get the piece out or yank the interior tray. After the piece is detached and blow the width adjustment guides.
20.Slide the interior tray until tick into place; now remove the protective sticker that’s over the control panel.
21.Amputate the packing materials interior the printer. Turn to the side and remove piece of card board and strips of tape near the aft of the printer.
22.Purge orange piece of plastic by lifting the tape up on the side and then plastic is relegate from printer. Nigh the top cover and scanner lid.
23.Printer is unpacked and now we’ll set the hardware. Connect the power cord and for that dismiss the twist-tie that is on the power cord.
24.Find the port in the printer to plug-in firmly into place and other end to wall outlet to prevent any power issues. Turn on the power in the printer which is on the left-hand side.
25.Printer initializes by making some sound and then settles down naturally. In control panel of printer set the language country ok.
26.Next screen tap setup then prompt displays as insert cartridges. Carriage moves and access to load cartridges and so wide them up and install them.
27.Install the tricolour cartridge, unbolted the cartridge by ripping the packaging from top and use the orange pull tab to purge tape covering electric contacts and ink nozzles.
28.Lift to airy lock lever for tricolour cartridge. Slide the cartridge downward in the correct slot and in the lock lever.
29.Repeat the same process with the black cartridge. Then hard by the ink access door.
30.Again the printer initializes and makes sure the width guides are at the outermost position.
31.Load and slide the paper in the interior tray then print an alignment page. After the alignment page scan that alignment page.
32.Lift the scanner lid. Load paper which snug up against sides and then imminent the scanner lid and scanning takes place by scanner.
33.Now install the printer’s software and then start printing.

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Instructions are for customers already 123 hp envy 5530 setup and installed software. First time installation for 123 hp setup 5530 instructions that is available with the printer.
Connect printer to wireless network using WPS require the following:
Wireless network includes Wi-Fi protected setup enabled router.
Computer with wireless networking support or network interface card (NIC)


1.To dawn WPS Push button mode, the wireless light blinks for three seconds after a long press of wireless button on printer.
2.WPS button is pressed on router.


1.Printer prints either in error state or critical state, wait till the function completes then press the wireless button. To display wireless menu, wireless button is activated.
2.Settings Wi-Fi protected 123.hp/com/setup 5530 are touched from printer display.
3.WPS router with WPS push button is selected by following the on-screen instructions. If router doesn’t have push button means, then select pin method and follow on-screen instructions.


Need the following requirements to connect printer with wireless network.

  • Wireless network with wireless router.
  • Computer is connected with either wireless network or network interface card (NIC). Computer is connected to wireless network for installation of the printer series.
  • Broadband Internet Access (Cable or DSL). Connecting printer to wireless network with internet connection uses a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  • Network name is the user name (SSID)
  • WEP key is that password
  1. Enter user name and password.
  2. Wireless setup wizard settings:
  3. For wireless network, weeded network from the list of networks.
  1. Follow on-screen instructions.
  2. Then software is installed.

If a printer is connected to computer and want to connect another printer of same model to computer then this function connect a new printer is used.

  1. Open the printer software by means of operating system methods.
  • Windows 8: Start screen (right click) click All Apps àclick icon on printer’s name.
  • Windows 7, Windows vista and Windows XP: Start à All programs à HP à HP Envy 5530 à HP Envy 5530.
  1. Then Printer setup software & Connect a new printer.
  2. Follow on-screen instructions to proceed.
  1. Home screen àWireless icon à settingsà Advanced settings
  2. Item is selected to be changed.
  3. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Wireless direct allows Wi-Fi devices connect to printer or mobile phones directly through Wi-Fi for wireless networks and hotspots. Printers can prints using this Wi-Fi direct function.

  1. Wireless direct is turned on in control panel.
  • Tab home screen à wireless direct icon
  • If wireless direct icon is off means change settings to turn on.
  1. In wireless direct, set the user name and password.
  • Home screen à Wireless direct icon à display name (user name) à display password.
  1. From computer or mobile phone, turn on Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Then print photo or document.

Make sure the following for USB connection to a wireless connection.

  • Printer, computer and USB cable all the three should be connect till they are disconnected.
  • Computer also connected to wireless network.
  1. Open the printer software regarding the operating system proceeds with the steps.
  • Windows 8: Start screen (right click) à click All Apps àclick icon on printer’s name.
  • Windows 7, Windows vista and Windows XP: Start à All programs à HP à HP Envy 5530 à HP Envy 5530.
  1. Then Printer setup à softwareàUSB connected printer to wireless.
  2. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
123 hp installing the printer software
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1.Patent cartridge access door
2.Gaping paper path cover
3.Amputate jammed paper from rear roller.
4.Impending paper path cover
5.Warm cartridge access door
6.Try printing anew


1.Unblocked cartridge access door
2.Unfurled paper path cover
3.Press on the hole of the duplexer path cover to lift up. Expunge jammed paper.
4.Nearly paper path cover
5.Next cartridge access door
6.Try printing afresh.


1.Uproot all paper or media from paper tray
2.Pivot printer such that rests on left side.
3.Accelerate out paper tray and then remove jammed paper from interior the printer.
4.Drift paper tray back into place.
5.Spin printer such that stands on base and then load paper.


1.Dehiscent cartridge access door
2.Delete jammed paper from inside the printer.
3.Contiguous cartridge access door
4.Press ok button on control panel to continue current job


1.Do not overfill the paper tray
2.Cart off printed paper from the paper tray frequently
3.Ensure that paper loaded in paper tray lays flat and the edges are not bent.
4.Do not combine different paper types and paper sizes in the paper tray; the entire stack of paper in the paper tray must be of same size and type.
5.Adjust paper width guides in the paper tray to fit snugly against all paper. Make sure the paper width guides do not bend paper in the paper tray.
6.Do not force the paper too far forward in the paper tray.


Remove any objects, such as paper that are blocking print carriage.

  1. From home screen, touch the settings icon and then hit tools.
  2. On the tools menu, tap the down arrow to scroll through options and then grope clean ink smear.

By using Google cloud print, can print from anywhere with applications or services supporting Google Cloud Print.

123 hp wireless setup

Connect printer to a network. Computer or Tablet must be connected to the same wireless router as the printer.

  1. Bang download to start setup
  2. If setup does not start automatically, execute the downloaded exe file
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

Once product setup is complete, prepare to use Google Cloud Print and print.


To print with Google Cloud Print, complete the following two tasks beforehand.

  1. Getting Google account
  2. Registering the printer with Google Cloud print

If send print data with Google Cloud Print, printer automatically receives print data and prints.


Use Air Print to print from an IOS device such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or from a MAC without installing the printer driver or downloading an app.

With Air Print, print photos, e-mails, web pages, documents and other items from an IOS device or MAC without installing the printer driver or downloading an app.

  1. Make sure the latest version of the operating system is installed on the IOS device or MAC.
  2. Make sure the IOS device or MAC is connected to the printer over a LAN on the same network or connected directly without involving wireless router.

Ways to connect through USB

HP Envy 5530 Printer has USB port through which one can connect their PC. If the USB connections are active then your web services will be ideal.

Steps to connect Envy 5530 Printer through USB

  1. Switch ON your Envy 5530 printer that connected to your PC.
  2. Insert CD with software that comes along with your printer, If you don’t have please download it from
  3. Ensure that you should not connect USB at this stage.
  4. Start installing driver software on your computer.
  5. Stickily follow the instruction on screen; this might take some times to complete the installation.
  6. Now Connect USB cable into your PC (after it prompt for it).
123 hp Scan Using Printer Display

Connect printer to a network.

  1. Click download to start setup.
  2. If setup does not start automatically, execute the downloading dmg file.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

Email to print allows users to print emailing their documents to a special address from mobile phone or desktop.

  1. Log in to a account
  2. Snap Email.
  3. Select Email centre and get started. Email setup wizard opens to help guide through the process.
  4. Select mobile device or desktop.
  5. If selected mobile device means, select page.
  • Fix on an account list from that cull an Email list.
  • Espouse a mobile device and select the type of mobile device.
  • Snap next
  • On the setup page, follow instructions to setup Email on mobile device.
  1. Tick ok
  2. If selected desktop means, select page.
  • Glean an account list from that slot an Email list.
  • Extract a desktop and select the type of Email in the desktop.
  • Bang next
  • On the setup page, follow instructions to setup Email on desktop.
  1. Snap ok.
  1. Automatic duplexer
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. HP equivalent of Wi-Fi direct
  4. Prints through the cloud
  1. Slow
  2. No Ethernet port
  3. No fax

The HP Envy 5530 e-All-in-one is meant primarily for home use, with features like built-in templates for printing notebook and graph paper.

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