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HP ENVY 5540:

HP Envy 5540 All-in-One Printer doesn’t offer office-oriented features even in a home office Multi Function Printer (MFP), like fax capability or an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) for scanning. Goes beyond the basics of inkjet (MFP) for the home, with mobile printing, Web-connected features, and connectivity options that include Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. Little slow for printing from business applications, but fast for photos making well-suited for home use.


Limited to printing, copying and scanning, 2.2 inch front panel touch screen LCD that print an assortment of templates stored in printer including graph paper and music paper. Connection options are USB, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct. Connect Wi-Fi to a network that is connected to internet using touch-screen menus for hp’s print apps.

123 hp unpack your printer

Connecting to a network, that let’s to print through cloud as well as print and scan from a mobile device through an access point on a network. HP Envy 5540 is a mixed bag with duplexer, 125 sheet input tray, 15 sheet output tray, 4 by 6 inch photo tray that is less expensive model.


At 6.1 by 17.9 by 16.1 inches (HWD) and only 15 pounds, 5540 is small and light enough for one person to easily move into place. Physical setup is standard.


Speed is lackadaisical at best for business applications, but fast for photos. On our business applications suite, managed only 2.1 pages per minute (ppm). Photo speed is dramatically faster relative to the competition with averaging 53 seconds for 14 by 6 inch print in the test.
Output quality is typical, text quality falls in the middle of the range making good enough for most home needs and of small fonts. Graphics is at the bottom of a tighter range. Easily suitable for most casual home use, and for business power point presentations.

123 hp install-the-cartridges


1.First thing to do is susceptible the casket.
2.Inner of the case, there will be a set of ink cartridges 62 tricolour and black cartridges.
3.Also a pouch which contains power cord, other important set of information, sample pack of HP advanced photo paper, an ink caution sheet and printer setup disc for both Windows and Mac.
4.If the disc is misplaced means, download the software and drivers at hp.com/drivers.
5.Take the printer away of the trunk and set the bin on side. Firmly grasp the plastic puffel with the printer and rip the printer of the pack.
6.Set the carton aside and remove Styrofoam end caps one at a time. Slide the printer out of the plastic bag.
7.Abolish all tapes and packaging materials. Then lift scanner lid and get rid of Styrofoam sheet and warm scanner lid.
8.Delete all blue tapes from paper outer tray, oust plastic that covers logo, pull the interior tray remove the piece of tape holding the photo tray in place and again push the inner tray.
9.Discard the sticker covering the printer control panel and also separate remaining materials.
10.Next efface clear strip from around the front of the printer.
11.Begin with setting up the printer. Bare the poke; take out the power cord, then manuals, starting up guide, instant ink formation sheet and user guide.
12.Copies of the user guide can also found on printer’s product page at hp.com. In starting up guide consist of written steps showing.
13.Before plugging in the power cord, be sure all the packing materials are junked from indoors the printer.
14.Pull out the twist-tie from the power cord, plug one end to back of the printer and plug other end to wall outlet.
15.Press the power button to turn on printer, and printer starts initializing. When printer stops making noise select language and yes to confirm and then country and yes to confirm.
16.Now install ink cartridges, lift top cover to access cartridge. First tri-colour cartridge, before installing depose protective tab. Make sure not to copper contacts or ink nozzles and insert in the left slot.
17.Contacts must face back of the printer for a correct install. Slide the cartridge in the slot and press firmly until clicks into place.
18.Now patent black cartridge from pack, purge protective tab make sure not to touch contacts. Insert the black ink cartridge in the right slot, if the cartridge does not click in the place. Try repositioning the cartridge and then re-installing until clicks into place.
19.Contiguous top cover and touch ok on printer control panel to continue. When load paper displays, load plain white paper in the innermost tray.
20.Grab a stack of paper and align by tapping on a flat surface. Pull out inner tray and push photo tray, expunge the tape holding paper width guides. Push out paper width guides until they stop.
21.Load paper and adjust guides and push input tray and touch ok and then done. Printer will now calibrate and print an alignment page. Alignment page allows printer to know where the ink placement.
22.To complete printer setup, scan the alignment page. Lift scanner lid, place the alignment page face down using the marking on the printer guide.
23.Nearest scanner lid and touch ok to scan the page. Scanning the alignment page is the final step in the alignment process.
24.Once the alignment is complete, either an alignment successful or alignment failed message will display.
25.If on receiving an alignment failed message after scan, go to hp.com to resolve the problem. If on receiving alignment successful message after scan, then touch ok.
26.Prompt displays want to use internet to install software for printer. Touch more and then touch manual setup. If connecting via USB, then touch no network.
27.Then comes the setting up of network using wireless network and then touch network. Printer will search for all wireless routers within range of the printer.
28.Select network from the list, touch ok and enter network password. Control panel has multiple letters per box, so touch each box until printer letter displays.
29.If password has two of the same letter in a row pause after the first letter and enter second. Once input the password, then touch done and ok to confirm settings.
30.Printer will validate wireless settings and connect to network. When connection successful, screen displays and touch ok.
31.Set up the web services and touch continues. Choose an option for printer update and choose install automatically, printer is always up-to-date. Touch ok and then touch home or business and then confirm for which option.
32.Now hardware is setup and installs printer software. Take the CD and load in the computer. Load CD in CD tray. Click run to open installer. User control window spread out click yes.
33.To complete software installation we have to proceed online. But doing in CD no need online so click no. Installer opens click continue and software is installed. Select customize software selections to install. Click next and agree terms and finally finish. Now software is installed and we may select connections as wired or wireless or USB.
34.Here the selection is wireless and scans and select computer’s wireless. Follow on-screen prompts to complete with internet connection.

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Before printing or scanning from printer to computer through a network, connect printer to network and install software on computer. These instructions guide through the process of setting up printer on a wireless network.

Gather wireless network, connect to wireless network, and then install print driver and software.


Go to website and follow on-screen instructions to naturally download printer software and connect to wireless network.
If cannot access to website, then follow the next step.



Before setting printer on wireless network, gather network name and password and confirm that the router, printer and computer on turned on.
1.Gather the items:
NETWORK NAME: Network name is SSID.
Computer is connected with wireless network.
INTERNET ACCESS: Broadband internet access such as cable or DSL.
WIRELESS CAPABLE PRINTER: During installation, printer is close to the computer.
2.Confirm that the printer, computer and router are all turned on, and computer is associated to same wireless network that the printer to be hooked up.
3.Disjoin USB or Ethernet cable fasten to the printer.
4.If installed the software for USB connection and want to change for wireless connection, follow the instructions to continue:
Search in windows for the printer name and then select the printer from the list of models. Then printer software opens.
Click utilities and then bang printer 123 hp envy 5540 setup and software selection.
Snap Convert a USB connected printer to wireless.
Follow on-screen instructions to finish installing software.


Use HP Print and Scan doctor tool to gather network name (SSID) and password (WEP or WPA) which requires during installation to consociate printer on wireless network.
HP provides free tool called HP Print and Scan doctor to diagnose and resolve print issues. Download and run HP Print and Scan doctor to perform troubleshooting task to resolve the issue.



Built-in Wireless Setup Wizard to set printer for wireless network:

1.Turn on the printer.
2.On printer control panel, touch wireless icon. Wireless screen displays.
3.Touch the settings icon and then touch Wireless Setup wizard. List of wireless network displays.
4.Snap the name of wireless network. If the printer name is not listed then select enter new network name and type manually.
5.Type WEP or WPA key using on-screen keyboard. Make sure to type the passwords correctly otherwise wireless connection fails.
6.Clack done and then ok.



1.Turn the printer on.
2.If printer is connected to computer with USB cable, then disconnect cable from printer.
3.Go to HP customer support, and then download the software and drivers.
4.Select a method to identify printer model and then follow on-screen instructions and go to downloaded page.
5.Tick Download to download the printer software.


Select connection type that access to printer.
1.Attach USB cable to computer and printer.
2.Wait windows to find driver and then 123 hp setup 5540 the printer.
3.Select USB printer.

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1.Press the power button to turn off the printer.
2.Rolling ink cartridge access door
3.Check paper path interior of printer.
Lift the handle of the paper path cover and purge cover.
Locate any jammed paper inner of the printer. Grasp with both hands and tug towards.
Re-insert paper path cover until snaps into place.
4.If the problem is not resolved, check print carriage area inner of the printer.
If there is any jammed paper, move the print carriage to the far right of the printer. Grasp with both hands and heave towards.
Move the carriage to the left of the printer and do the same step in previous to amputate any torn pieces in printer.
5.Impending the ink cartridge access door.
6.If problem is not resolved, check the tray area.
Jerk the inner tray.

Carefully, turn the printer on side to expose bottom of printer.
Check the gap in the printer in the place of the innermost tray. If there is any jammed paper, reach into the gap grasp with both hands and pull towards.

Turn the printer up.
Jolt the paper tray.
7.Press the power button to turn on the printer.


1.Skim any objects, such as paper, that are blocking print carriage.
2.Touch the directional button to navigate through help topics, snap troubleshoot and support and then click clear carriage jam.


Relegate printed papers from the outer tray.
Printing with paper is not wrinkled, folded or damaged.
Prevent curled or wrinkled paper by storing all unused paper in reseal able duffel.
Do not use paper that is too thick or thin for a printer.
Trays are loaded correctly that are not full.
Paper loaded in inner tray is flat and edges which not bent or not torn.
Don’t combine all paper types and paper sizes in innermost tray. Entire size of paper must be same in the input tray.
Adjust the paper width-guides in interior tray. Paper width-guides do not bend in inner tray.
Don’t force paper in inner tray.
If printing on both sides, don’t print highly saturated images on light weight paper.
Use recommended paper types.
If printer runs out of paper leave till the paper ends and then load paper for printing.


Tray not picking paper.
Confirm whether paper is loaded in the tray.
Paper-width guides set to correct marking in the tray for the paper size loading.
Confirm in the paper in the tray is not curled. Uncurl paper by curling in the opposite direction.

Paper loaded in the input tray is aligned to paper-width guides. Lug the inner tray from the printer and reload paper correctly.
Load paper in input tray while not printing.

Paper-width guides are set to correct markings in the tray which is loading.
Tray is not overloaded with paper.
HP paper is used for performance and efficiency.

Cartridges is installed, message indicates cartridge problem then remove cartridges and check the cartridges and insert or clean cartridges then replace the cartridges.

1.Power is on.
2.Patulous cartridge access door.
3.Dislodge the cartridge as declared in error message.
4.Hold ink cartridge by sides and locate electrical contacts in the cartridge.
5.Wipe contacts with lint-free cloth.
6.Locate the contacts in the print carriage on the interior of the printer.
7.Swab the contacts with lint-free cloth.
8.Again install ink cartridges.
9.Nigh the access door.
10.Check the error message and if continues turn off the product.

1.Load 4×6 photo papers in printer.
2.Select “Wireless Direct Icon” in printer’s touch screen.
3.Pick “settings” icon and then “Wi-Fi direct” on and posh connection method as automatic.

1.From smart phone’s setting menu select Wi-Fi.
2.Select available networks for HP envy printer.

APPLE DEVICES: Select photo then tap share icon and then print.
ANDROID DEVICES: Load app then select photo and then print.
SAMSUNG DEVICES: Select photo and then select action button.

3.From printer options then select printer and then print.



1.Google cloud print is a free service that allows to print documents and photos from any mobile to printer
2.Use Google cloud print by registering printer through Google chrome browser on any computer.
3.Need the following equipments:
Computer running chrome
Google account
Google cloud print ready printer.
4.To register printer, make sure to have computer with Google chrome installed, Google account and printer with Google cloud print connected to same network with internet connection.
5.Use wired or wireless connection.
6.Affix printer with USB, Google cloud print won’t work.
7.Turn on power button.
8.Clear Google chrome on computer.
9.Click menu icon, then click settings from drop-down menu.
10.In settings, select advanced settings, then Google cloud print then manage button.
11.On devices, all the printers are displayed.
12.Google print detects the network.
13.Printer is listed under new devices then click register.
14.Again click register to confirm registration. Then press ok.
15.Depending on printer, confirmation page prints.
16.If printer not listed on devices screen try to connect email address and confirm that is connected to network.
17.Printer is listed under my devices then register with Google cloud print.


To print from iPhone or iPad, the process is identical. The only difference is the share button, button may also move around using portrait or landscape mode. To print a photo, start tapping the share button.
On the next screen, notice a check mark on photos that are selected. Swipe left or right to select more or print just the first one selected. When ready tap next in the right corner
Now tap print. On the following screen tap select printer. If printer is Air print enabled and connected to same Wi-Fi network in iPhone or iPad, printer automatically appears. Tap to increase copies or toggle to black and white.
As long as the share button is available, printer prints directly from the device.



1.From desktop, click start select programs then click HP, click folder for printer then select icon on printer’s name.
2.In window select print, scan and fax then select ePrint 123 hp.com/setup 5540 under print. Printer’s embedded web server opens.
3.On web services tab, click setup in the Web Services Settings then click continue.
4.Click accepts terms of use and enables web services and click next.
5.Select yes to allow printer automatically install updates.
6.If network has proxy settings connecting to network, enter the settings.
7.Follow the instructions to finish setup.


1.Confirm printer is connected to internet.
2.On control panel, press HP ePrint button
3.Press the right button of ok to accept terms of use.
4.Press again ok for future updates. Information sheet is printed.
5.Follow the instructions to finish setup 123 hp envy 5540.


1.Open EWS.
2.On web services tab, click setup and then continue.
3.Select accept terms of use and click next.
4.Select yes to printer for automatic updates.
5.Network uses proxy settings, enter the settings.
6.Follow instructions to finish setup.

1.Automatic duplexer
2.Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct
3.Prints through the cloud
4.Photo tray for 4 by 6 inch photo paper.
5.Fast photo printing


1.No Ethernet
2.No fax
3.Lacks an automatic document feeder
4.Slow for business applications
5.Installation software and front-panel LCD push hard to sell HP’s instant ink program.


Designed as a multifunction printer primarily for home-use, HP Envy 5540 All-in-One printer can print, scan, copy, and print through cloud and print directly from mobile devices.

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