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HP ENVY 5660:

HP Envy 5660 goes a step beyond the basics, adding features that focus on mobile printing and the web to the more common capabilities for a multifunction printer. Envy 5660 can print through cloud, connect directly to and print from smart phones and tablets, and print content from various websites without needing computer. Slow and output quality is a touch below par but quality is good enough for needs, can also serve for light-duty, home-office use or in the dual role of home and home-office printer. Lacks fax support and automatic document feeder (ADF) for scanning, two important features for office.


Envy 5660 basic MFP features are limited to printing, copying and scanning, in addition haves scan from memory card and printer is connected directly to network that’s connected to internet. The connection options for printer are USB and Wi-Fi including Wi-Fi direct. Connect to network by Wi-Fi and network is connected to internet and can print through cloud, connect to a single PC via USB cable.

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Paper handling is a mixed bag. Envy 5660’s 125-sheet tray is one of the key factors that limit to light-duty use even by home-office standards. Included duplexer for two-sided printing for a separate tray that can hold 15 sheets of 4-by-6 inch photo paper, so don’t have to swap out paper to switch between printing documents and printing photos. For scanning, paper handling is limited to manually placing pages one at a time on the letter-size flatbed.

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At 6.3 by 17.9 by 16.1 inches and 15 pounds, Envy 5660 is easy for one person to move into place. Setting up is typical in most ways, most driver installation routines gives option to check for updated version.


Output quality is not a strong point. Text quality falls in the middle of a fairly tight range that includes vast majority of multi function printers. Good enough for most purposes to have an unusual use of fonts. Not suitable for output that needs to look fully professional like a resume.
Graphics output is at the low end of par for MFP’s and easily good enough for most internal business use. If not needed of either office-centric features or high quality photos and for faster speed plus slightly higher paper capacity for right choice.


1.Envy 5660 is a multifunctional scanned copy, with a photo printer and scanned copy. Bunch of features web-connected has automatic two-sided printing & has Wi-Fi direct printing.
2.Wi-Fi router prints directly to printer which is a 62 cartridges for black and colour cartridges.
3.Then there is power cord, software CD and start up guide
4.Unboxing constructions takes tape off then remove the push to try and put the cover on the track plug follow the prompts.
5.Attach and install the app for Wi-Fi direct. Load pit load paper lets load photo paper got a dual tray design like the photo and easy to setup.
6.Setup the wireless features and take off the cardboard coming off the top ink cartridges are packed inside.
7.Solid foam handles on the bag and pulls out. Nice looking frontier with a curvy front gloss matte black except the strip around the middle and got touch screen.
8.Then just take out packaging and spoil tray they plug to turn on follow the problems install the ink for router and connection for download app for smart phone or tablet to Wi-Fi direct and activate with phone or tablet.
9.Install the paper and then let’s fall the software, there’s a big sticker for instant ink. Just take out the packaging & spoil the tray and follow the problem.
10.There is a plastic on the piece of protective plastic over the logo leave that then there is a piece of foam to protect the letter size platen & there’s a silver looking handle to lift up inside the unit.
11.Take the cover from the touch screen that card slot looks like a duo. Take extra card board and plastic tapes around printer.
12.In input tray adjust the sides of drawer for insertion of paper.
13.Power USB is inserted with no fax & no network, connected with back side of printer to wall outlet.
14.Green LED lights with a non-adjustable touch screen, then select language, country, date and time.
15.Then fix the cartridges by taking off the print heads and check these cartridges by loading paper.
16.Then install the software, and then tray comes out and does not retract automatically so tray should be closed manually.
17.Enter the password manually to push the WPS button and top tray comes off just to open the second one.
18.Under the tray there is a lock switch that pumps out automatically to lock closed to unlock.

1.Wireless network
2.Printer and computer use same network
4.User name

Choose wireless then settings then wireless settings then wireless setup wizard 123 hp envy 5660 in printer control panel. Complete the 123.hp.com/setup 5660 using display instructions.

There are three operating system are as follows:

Pick start screen on lower left corner then printer name then utilities.

Right click on start screen then decide on all apps on apps bar then printer name then utilities.

Opt for start then all programs then HP then folder of printer.
Then plump for printer 123 hp setup 5660 & software then convert USB connected printer to wireless. Then follow on-screen instructions.
Go for wireless then select settings then print reports then wireless test report in printer control panel.

Blue wireless light on the printer control panel glows when wireless capability of printer is on. Choice setup 123 hp ey 5660 then network setup then wireless settings then wireless for turning on or off.


Press power button and turn off the printer.
Ink cartridge access door is opened.
Lift the handle and remove the paper path cover.
Locate jammed paper
Grasp jammed paper
Take away jammed paper
If all the pieces are not removed then more paper jams take place.
Again insert the paper in the paper path cover.
Lock the paper path cover.


Move print carriage to right corner.
Locate jammed paper
Grasp jammed paper
Get rid of jammed paper
Move print carriage to left corner.
Locate jammed paper
Grasp jammed paper
Eliminate jammed paper

Ink cartridge access door is closed.
Input tray is pulled.
Turn printer to side
Expose the printer for bottom
Input tray gap is checked.
Locate jammed paper
Grasp jammed paper
Take out jammed paper
Turn printer to position
Push paper tray

Press power button and turn on the printer.



1.Power is turned on.
2.Cartridge access door is opened.
3.Error message occurs.
4.Confiscate that cartridge.
5.Hold ink cartridge by sides
6.Locate electrical contacts on ink cartridge
7.Small gold-coloured dots on ink cartridges are electrical contacts.
8.Wipe contacts with cotton.
9.Locate contacts in print carriage.
10.Contacts are gold-coloured bumps for contacts on ink cartridge.
11.Again wipe contacts with cotton.
12.Again install ink cartridge.
13.Shut access door
14.Check error message is vanished or not.
15.Again error is not disappeared then switches off and on the product.



1.Ensure that the printer is connected to the network.
2.Launch the web tool by entering IP address of the address of the printer in web browser.
3.When the web tool opens, click print server settings in the left frame and click print server settings tab.
4.Click air print.
5.In air print, select check box to enable printer for air print.
6.Clack apply new settings
7.Tap restart printer.


1.Unbolt email, photo, web page or document to print.
2.Touch action icon.
3.Top quality printer driver name and option menu to setup.
4.Pat print button and then print.
1.Turn on the device.
2.Choose apps.
3.Pick on settings.
4.Browse for the connect and share.
5.Decide on printing button.
6.Several printers are already installed, can’t find the printer means select the plus symbol at the bottom of the screen.
7.Google play store opens and opt for printer brand.
8.Then go back to the printing section in the android settings.
9.Plump for on print enabler to connect to a wireless printer.
10.When printer is found, then go for wireless printer.
1.EPrint is a free service that allows to print, ePrint enabled printer anywhere can send an email. Just send documents and photos to the email address assigned to printer when enabling web services. No additional drivers or software are needed.
2.Printer needs to have a wireless network connection to the internet; ePrint cannot be used via USB connection to computer. For information wireless printer setup sees open.
3.Attachments might print differently from the way appear in the software program that created on the original fonts and layout options used.

1.Enable web services.
From the home screen, touch the ePrint icon.

Accept the terms of use, and then follow the onscreen instructions to enable web services.
Print the ePrint information page, and then follow the instructions on the page to sign up for an ePrint account.

2.Find ePrint email address.
Touch the ePrint icon on the Home screen, web services settings menu on printer display.
Printer’s email address appears in the web services settings menu.

3.Email document to the printer for printing.
Create a new email and attach the document to print.
Send the email to the printer email address. The printer prints the attached document.


1.Type the printer’s email address in the To: field.
2.If there are additional email address in the same field as the printer’s email address, ePrint server cancels the print job. For additional recipients, type the email address in the Cc: field.
3.Type a subject in the subject line. A blank email subject line might cause the ePrint server to cancel the print job.
4.Email subject lines do not print.
5.The total size of the email must be 10 MB or less, including attachments.
6.No more than attachments per email print job.
7.The following are supported document file types: text (.txt), PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), Microsoft Power Point (.ppt and .pptx), and Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx).
8.The following are supported photo file types: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tiff.
9.Photos must have a horizontal and vertical resolution of 100 pixels or higher.
10.Digitally signed, encrypted, or password protected documents are not supported by ePrint.
11.Open Office files are not supported by ePrint.
12.Duplex printing is not supported by ePrint.
13.Cannot print email attachments without printing the email.
14.Time stamps from the ePrint server do not accurately reflect when the print job was created or printed.


1.Select ‘Google Cloud Print’ and ‘register with Google Cloud Print’. Select ‘yes’ to the on screen message, then choose preferred language via scroll wheel. See a message that the printer is ready to print the authentication code. Make sure there is A4 paper loaded in the plain paper cassette, then press ‘ok’ and the authentication code will print. Keep this printout need later in the registration process. If the code printed out correctly, press ’yes’ on the next screen. A screen will then come up to confirm the authentication process. Now have 14 minutes for registration.

2.Use the printed URL to register the printer to Google Cloud Print. Enter the URL on the browser of PC, smart phone, or tablet. If device has a bar code reader, then scan the QR code. At the next screen, enter Google account information. Select ‘finish printer registration’ and once have the confirmation message to print using Google Cloud Print.
3.On the chosen device, start the application supporting Google Cloud Print, such as Google Chrome, Gmail, or Google Docs. In the application software, tap the pull down menu, and select ‘print’ and enjoy the freedom of printing cloud-stored documents wirelessly from any internet-connected device.

1.Automatic duplexer for two-sided printing.
2.Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.
3.Prints through cloud

2.No Ethernet
3.No fax

HP Envy 5660 All-in-one multifunction printer can print, scan, copy, print through cloud and print directly from phones and tablets.


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