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HP ENVY 7640:

HP Envy 7640 has a good set of features as an inkjet multifunction printer (MFP) which is suitable for either household or home-office use.  Ensures a premium design along with features including 25 sheet document feeders, fax support and also has an ability to print pass port size photos.  Also eligible for HP’s instant ink program which allows all consumers to pay for cartridges.


The printer measures by 7.6 by 17.9 by 19.8 inches (HWD) and weighs 17 pounds. A 3.5 inch colour touch screen is set in the tilt-up front panel. Paper capacity is 125 sheets, plus a 15-sheet paper tray. It has an auto-duplexer for two-sided printing, and a 25-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that allows scanning, copying or faxing multipage documents.

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ENVY 7640 can print, copy, fax and scan. It can print or scan to a USB drive or SD memory card. This is used in HP printable such as Dream Works, HP Calendar, HP forms and Awesome Airplanes. Register the printer for free HP’s e-Print service, which lets to email file attachments to a unique address that HP assigns to printer and Envy will print out the email and files even to the far side of the world. Envy can print from IOS and Android devices over a Wi-Fi connection via HP’s mobile printing app or via Air Print. Envy 7640 can connect via USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Speed test ran over an Ethernet connection with drivers installed on a PC running Windows Vista.


Envy 7640 at a lacklustre 2.3 pages per minute (ppm).This is short of the 2.4 ppm by the Editor’s Choice. Dual-purpose which is used in home and home-office MFP and its despite of its name has a feature set geared more strongly to home use. Envy 7640 was much faster at photo printing averaging just 39 seconds per print.


Output quality is a mixed bag of above-par text, average graphics and below-par photos. Text should be fine for any business use except for desktop publishing applications that use very small fonts.
Graphics should be good enough for school work or general business use. Photo quality is sub-par. A monochrome test photo showed an obvious tint and print showed a slight tint. In several photos, there was a loss of detail in bright areas. Two prints showed pasteurization.

Printer uses two ink cartridges, one black and one multi-colour. Running costs are 5.8 cents per monochrome page and 14.9 cents per colour page but customers can save up to 50 percent enrolling in HP instant ink program. Also there is a three tiered plan in which customers pay a monthly fee to print a defined number of pages per month. The plans are based on the number of pages printed, not on the number of ink cartridges used. The printer detects running low on ink and automatically orders for more. Unused pages are rolled over.

Complete the steps in the document to set up printer hardware before installing the printer software on the computer.


Remove printer from box and then remove all tape, stickers and container materials from inside the printer.
1.After abolishing the printer from the box, abolish all tapes and container materials from exterior to the printer.
2.Access scanning lid; abolish all tapes and container materials from scanner glass, and then abutting the scanner lid.
3.Access ink cartridge access lid, abolish all tapes and container materials from interior printer and abut the lid.
4.Pull access interior tray, abolish exterior tray and abolish all tape and packing materials from photo tray.
5.Drag the paper tray and push the photo tray.
6.Slide out paper width guides, and abolish all tape and container materials interior of the input tray.
7.Replace exterior tray on paper tray, then push interior tray till it locks in its place.
8.Make sure to abolish hardware and materials from box discarding the container materials.



Plug the printer in the power source, turn on the printer and then set language, time and country on printer control panel.
1. Connect power cord to the hinder end of the printer.
2.Turn the printer on.
3.On the printer control panel, touch language and then touch continue.
4.Touch country and then touch continue setup.
5.Set month, day and year and then touch continue.
6.Set time and touch continue to complete preferences 123 hp setup 7640.



Load plain white paper in main input tray after that unpack printer from that box. For viewing animations on control panel, select play icon.
1.Drag the interior tray to open it.
2.Push the photo tray as far as possible.
3.Slide paper width guides as far as possible.
4.Push the stack of paper in the interior tray until paper stops, and slide the paper width paper guides until they slide against edges of paper.
5.Push interior tray till it locks. Tray is not locked then paper jams occur.
6.After changing the paper screen displays, change the tray, paper size and paper type settings and touch ok.



Install ink cartridges that shipped in the box with the printer. To view and install ink cartridges, then touch ink when needed.
1.Open cartridge access door then the door open screen displays on the control panel with message ‘door must be closed to print, check that the door is completely closed’.
2.Change ink option display in bottom right corner of touch screen. Touch change ink to watch animation for installing new cartridges.
3.Remove cartridges from its package; only touch the black plastic on the cartridge.
4.Drag orange tape to remove protective tape.
5.Slide new cartridge at an upward angle into the empty slot and then push the cartridge until it snaps in its place.
Insert tri-colour cartridge in the left slot.
Insert black cartridge in right slot.
6.Repeat the same steps to install the cartridge.
7.Abbott cartridge access door. When the door is closed, the door open screen with message ‘door must be closed to print, check that the door is completely closed’ disappears and printer returns to home screen.
8.Select ok.
9.Wait for the printer to align cartridges, then after alignment is complete printer prints an alignment page.
10.If the alignment page is not printed, then follow the steps to complete alignment.
Confirm that the tray is loaded with plain paper.
On the printer control panel, touch setup 7640.
Touch printer maintenance and then align printer.
Follow the instructions on control panel to complete alignment process. If the alignment is complete printer prints alignment page.
11.Touch ok and then discard the alignment page.


HP printer hardware is 123 hp envy 7640 setup and then installs the printing software. Do not the connect printer to software till the instructions are initiated.


Use Wireless Setup Wizard from printer control panel display to setup wireless communication.
1.From printer control panel, touch wireless.
2.Touch settings
3.Touch wireless settings
4.Touch wireless setup wizard
5.Follow display instructions to complete setup.

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