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123 HP OfficeJet 4650 Printer Setup


HP desk jet 4650 all-in-one printer is a light-duty inkjet multi-function printer (MFP) with office-centric features that include faxing and an automatic document feeder (ADF). The combination won’t win any awards for print speed or paper handling, but makes the printer a good fit if having a home office and need fax capability as well as ability to scan multipage documents as often benefit from ADF. It offers 100 sheet capacity of paper and includes a duplexer for two-sided printing as well as ADF, fax support and Wi-Fi.


Office jet 4650 is Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), to load multipage documents for copying, scanning or faxing. Vertical clearance is needed because the scanner lid does not have supporting hinges. The front plate of the bevel is slide with the documents in the left or right side. Control panel is simple with only home and back buttons and also to the left end is the 2.2 inch monochrome touch screen. Interesting fact is that 2-inch wide arm swings out of the body automatically to serve as the output tray.4650 has an automatic paper sensor every time while opening paper tray displays message and then automatically disappears.

123 hp setting-officejet

Office jet 4650 prints faster the text document than any other printer. Office jet 4650 quiet mode feature decreased the noise level in a minor way and slowed text printing to 5 ppm. Using duplexer for two-sided printing slowed down the printing gradually. Adding graphics to the printing also slowed down the printing considerably. Speed is not a strong point, Photo speed is much better. Output quality is uneven. Text quality is good enough for business use.

123 hp install-the-cartridges

Printer doesn’t include Ethernet as connection choice. Gives an added advantage of Wi-Fi connected to network or internet, can use touch screen menus to print using HP’s print apps. Mobile printing includes printing through cloud, if printer connected to a network that is connected to the internet and this ability to print Wi-Fi access point on a network of various touch mobiles. If printer 4650 is connected by single PC via USB cable connecting to network, cannot able to print using mobile or web apps. Printer’s Wi-Fi will can able to print, also stored in the printer files also prints directly from a mobile device.


This printer can print and fax from as well as scan to a computer and can also work as a standalone copier and fax machine. The 100 sheet capacity for a single input tray is one of the key features that make suitable for light-duty office use. With any inkjet, printer can be used for light-duty office use. As a dual role can be used for both home and home-office printer. We have to switch between printing on plain paper and photo paper that is to swap each time to switch.

Paper handling for scanning is even more flexible. 35 sheet ADF can handle legal size pages and also use letter size flat bed for originals. Books or magazines won’t fit for original size. Print on legal size paper i.e. copy on legal size originals at full size with 2.2-inch front panel touch screen turning them into letter size copies.

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Office oriented all-in-one would not offer lower specified ink costs than a competing non-office model especially on text printing. To help in lower ink costs, HP offers an ink subscription plan called instant ink which has three levels based on estimated page output. With printer connected to internet, when printer is low on ink and mails for the cartridges. Saving depends on the printing and other factors such as amount of colour pages is printed. The amount spend is fixed because instant ink plan does not differentiate between black and colour ink but it depends only on the pages printed.

This is light and small to one person to move the printer easily at 14 pounds, 7 ounces and 7.5 by 17.5 by 14.5 inches. Physical setup is standard for an inkjet MFP. Installing software is little different but as same as that of the Hp desk jet printers.


Last consideration is running cost, the HP instant ink’s program which works little like a cell phone plan. Print some number of pages per month for a fixed fee, extra charges for additional pages and limits the number of pages not being used. It has a option that to go off a plan and back on or switch plans at any time but if forgot to opt out means not printing more and even though have to pay full month plan.

Instant ink program are defined differently than pages as the cartridge yields. Printing a single period on the page counts the page.  So covers edge to edge in ink with two-sided pages. Hard to compare running cost with that of the instant ink plan. Instant ink is that the printer monitors ink levels and automatically orders more ink before ink runs out. But print fluctuates, there will be no printing and some days more printing will be there then we run out of ink on heavy duty print day and hence wind up of ink.

123 hp installing the printer software

OfficeJet 4650 SOFTWARE

Office jet 4650 comes with a basic software suite for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. HP print service app worked good in android app. Rather to open document select HP printers from the available printers on the network. Printing speed is slower than a PC.


1. Access the carton and inside the carton there is a start here guide, black and tri-colour number 63 cartridges and power cord.
2. Abolish packing materials on top of the printer.
3. Take the printer from carton, firmly grasp the plastic bag and haul the printer out of the carton.
4. Abolish Styrofoam from both the sides; slide the printer from the plastic bag. Abolish all the tapes from the printer from all sides and even in the interior tray.
5. Also abolish Styrofoam in scanner lid and also abolish cardboards wherever available.
6. Connect the power cord one end to the back of the printer and other end to the wall outlet then switch on the printer.
7. Printer initializes, select language then country then date settings.
8. Lift top cover and access the carriage.
9. Then fix the cartridges, for tri-colour cartridge use orange pull tab to abolish tape from contact and nozzles and hold by its sides and fix in left slot.
10. Likewise black cartridge will fix in right slot but same procedure like tricolour cartridge.
11. While loading paper, access the paper interior tray and load paper in interior tray.

12. Alignment page aligns the printer and lift scanner lid and keep the paper facing the machine which is to be printed in lower right corner of glass and abut scanner lid and print copies.
13. Connect also in manually to wireless network. Touch settings icon and network and enter password and connections are successful touch ok.
14. Then hardware is completed and installs software.
15. Also printer has additional features like RJ11 phone cord for setting up printer as fax machine.
16. Instant ink card for setting up subscription are provided for ink replacement.
17. Installation CD for setting Windows and Mac and also we can download from website
18. Install the CD and run the installer and then select customize software selections then software and drivers installs.
19. Choose wireless or USB depending on the connections.
20. Choose wireless and installer will scan wireless network for printer.
21. Installer connects printer to computer.

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To set up an HP printer on a wireless network, connect the printer to the wireless network then install the printer driver and software. During installation, select wireless as the connection type. There are three connections for the wireless setup123 hp office jet 4650. They are,



Before setting up the printer on the wireless network, gather the network name and password, and turn on your router, printer and computer.

1. Gather the needed domains and passwords

The network name is SSID (Service Set Identifier)

This password is also called as WEP key or WPA security passphrase

Broadband access are used are cable or DSL for software downloads. Web services and printer updates, these are recommended by HP.

2. Router and computer are turned on and connect these both to the same wireless network where the printer is being connected. Turn the printer on and keep it close to that of the computer on the way where the router is placed.

3. Disconnect USB or Ethernet cable from the printer.


Connect printer to the network with wireless setup 123 hp setup 4650 wizard so HP installer can find printer during installation.

1. Turn on the printer
2. On the printer control panel, touch the wireless icon. Then wireless screen displays.
3. Touch the settings icon
4. Touch wireless 4650 setup wizard, then follow instructions on control panel to connect printer on wireless network.



On computer start the software installation, then download and install the HP full feature print driver. Contains wireless print drivers as well as HP printer assistant software for scanning and other printer management functions.

1. Go to, type model number, clack begins and clack download.

2. Double-clack the driver file with HP Easy Start in the name downloads folder to start the installation 123 hp oj 4650 setup

3. Choose software and driver, select full software and driver, select continue and follow the on-screen instructions to install the full feature install driver and then complete the wireless set-up.


1. Clear paper jam
2. Ink cartridge issues
3. Printing issues
4. Copy issues
5. Scan issues
6. Fax issues
7. Network and connection issues
8. Printer hardware issues


1. Disconnect printer from computer.
2. Open control panel on computer.

  • Select printers and faxes.
  • Right click on wireless all-in-one printer and then select delete.

3. Connect USB 2.0 cable between printer and computer USB ports, and then turn on the printer.
4. Install software.
5. On computer click, Start > All programs > Network setup utility
6. Select USB and then select next.
7. Printer driver installation complete message appears, click done.
8. USB-connected printer is added to printers and faxes list and available for printing from computer software programs.


1. Select wireless menu on device.
2. Tap on wireless setup wizard
3. Enter SSID (network name) and WEP key (password) when asked.
4. Printer is connected to wireless network shortly
5. Now print a check report to check everything is fine with the printer



Air-print is an Apple technology that helps to create full-quality printed output without the need to download or install drivers.

With Air-print, easy to print full quality photos and documents from Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without having to install additional software. Air Print is built into most popular printer models. Air Print features include easy discovery, automatic media selection and enterprise class finishing options.

The following printers and print servers are Air-print enabled. This information provided by each manufacturer and is updated.

1. Make sure that the printer is connected to the same network used by Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Some printers also support Air Print when connected via Ethernet to the LAN port of router.

2. Get any software updates available for the device printing from:

  • Get software updates for MAC.
  • Get software updates for IOS devices. Also check updates section of App store for updates to apps.

3. Make sure printer is close enough for Wi-Fi router to maintain connection. Try it close to the router.
4. Update the printer and Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware from manufacturer.
5. Re-start Wi-Fi router. Then restart printer. After turning on printer wait a few moments before trying to print. Some printers might take a minute or two after powering up the network.


HP e-Print is a free service that allows printing HP e-Print enabled printer that sends an email. Send documents and photos to email address assigned to printer to enable Web Services. No additional drivers or software are needed.

  • Printer needs to have a wireless network to the internet. It will not be able to use HP e-Print via USB connection to computer.
  • Attachments print the way they appear software program depending on the original fonts and layout used.
  • Free product updates are provided with HP e-Print. Updates required enabling certain functionality.

Before using e-Print, make sure that:

  • Printer is connected to an active network providing internet access.
  • Web Services are turned on.


1. Enable Web Services.

  • From Home screen, touch e-Print icon.
  • Accept terms of use, and then follow on screen instructions to enable Web Services.
  • Print the e-Print information page, and then follow the instructions on the page to sign up for an e-Print account.

2. Find e-Print email address.

  • Touch e-Print on the home screen
  • Touch Web Services Settings
  • In the Web Services Settings, touch Display E-mail address.

3. E-mail document to the printer for printing.

  • Create a new e-mail and attach the document to print.
  • Send e-mail to the printer e-mail address. This printer prints the attached document.


To begin need a desktop computer or notebook with a Google chrome web browser installed. Install cloud print app on the web device. It’s best to use the computer to install cloud print on tablet. Computer used must already be hooked up to the printer plan to add.

1. On computer, open Google chrome. Make sure that it is logged in to the same chrome account on both device and computer.
2. Select “Settings” on the top right menu.
3. Select “show Advanced Settings”.
4. Scroll down till identifying Google Cloud Print heading. Underneath, click the button that says “Sign In to Google Cloud Print”
5. Sign in with Google account. Remember to use the same account used in Android device.
6. Select the printers that are used to print from the device.
7. All are set; use Google account on any device to access the printer.


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